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Current Specials and Events

Wright Implement Monthly Specials

June Parts Promotions

1. Pick 3, Purchase & Save - Combine parts

-Pick 3 or more parts categories. Purchase $150 or more in each category. Save 15% on your total purchase. Includes categories: Knife Guards, Sections, Augers, Chopper Knives, Draper belts. Redemption program.

         (Ends: August 31st)

2. Riding Lawn Equipment & Gator Seat Promotion

         -15% off Gator and RLE seats

         (Ends: July 31st)

3. Mower Belts and Blades Promotion

         -15% off Mower deck belts and mower blades for RLE

         (Ends: July 31st)

4. Compact & Utility Tractor Summer Attachments Promotion     

-Canopy, Hood Guards, Fenders, Ballast Box, Wheel & Front Weights Attachments Promotion

         -15% off when you buy two or more 20% off three or more of qualifying attachments

         (Ends: July 31st)

5. Riding Lawn Equipment Bumpers, Brush guards and Light Kits Attachment Promotion

-15% off RLE bumpers, brush guards and light kits

(Ends: July 31st)

6. Gator Roofs, Bumpers, Fender Guards & Brush guards Attachment Promotion

         -15% off Gator roofs, bumpers, fenders guards & Brush guards

         (Ends: July 31st)

7. Up to $150 Off per row on RowMax

        - $50 off each row max chain kit and stalk roll. Up to $150 per row. Redemption program.

         (Ends: August 31st)

8. John Deere Liberty Safes

        -Rebates (Save up to $200 6-Months Interest Free)


June Stihl Promotions

1.      MS 170 Promotion

-The STIHL MS 170 16" will be advertised nationally at $159.95, SAVE $20! 

(This consumer promotion is valid April 1st - June 30th, 2020)

2.      PPE Kit Promotion:

-A “New” Personal Protective Equipment Kit promotion.

(Runs April 1st - June 29th, 2020. Consumers can save $50 on the PPE Kit during this time, while supplies last)


June Service Promotions

1.      2020 Attaching Equipment Inspection Incentive Program

-10% parts discount on repair parts installed during an inspection on Attaching equipment (headers, balers, seeding equipment, etc.)

      (Ends: September 30th)

2. 180/270 Day NPNI for Inspection Repairs

       -180 and 270 Day NPNI options for repairs completed via an inspection (US Bulletin)

       (Ends: September 30th

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